The Other Stories is looking for new, emerging, and struggling writers' stories. 

We want stories under 4000 words or that take less than twenty minutes to read aloud. 

We take published stories as well as unpublished ones.  (Just make sure you retain audio rights and tell us where the story's been published!)

We want your stories. Your novel excerpts. The work you want to give voice to. 

We want FICTION. That doesn't mean it can't be poetic or that it can't be inspired by real events. But make sure that it is firmly lodged in your head as a fiction piece (or that you can see it and sell it that way). 

Make sure your story is under 4000 words (there is no minimum word count) and that you can read it aloud in under twenty minutes. 

Note: It's helpful if you listen to some episodes before you submit, just to get a feel for what the questions are like and how the conversation goes.

The Other Stories